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Interweaving preservation, promotion and education about the Wetumpka Impact Event, resulting Crater and Cretaceous life of 85 million years ago through programs and partnerships that engage, inspire and bring scientific research and knowledge to life.

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124 Company Street,

Wetumpka, AL 36092 


Current Hours: 

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

10am - 4pm

Downtown Wetumpka, AL Map
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Visit the Wetumpka Impact Crater Murals in
The Alleyway, Downtown Wetumpka, AL

art impact is an educational art program about wetumpka, alabama's impact crater, the cretaceous period and related paleoart.
      View Our Educational Power Point Presentations



Wetumpka, Alabama, sits right on the bull’s eye of the greatest natural disaster in Alabama’s history. The hills just east of downtown are the eroded remains of a five mile wide Impact Crater that was blasted into the bedrock of Elmore County. The mighty blast occurred near the end of the Age of the Dinosaurs, about 85 million years ago. All around the circular pattern of hills that make up the remaining rim of the crater, the hard rocks of the Piedmont are bent sharply and point away from the center of the impact. The normally horizontal layers of more recent surface rocks are mixed in and around the crater, sugesting an incredible explosion that would have destroyed all life for a radius of about forty miles.

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Learn About the Wetumpka Impact Crater Commission
Crater Art Contest 

The Wetumpka Impact Crater Commission's ART IMPACT invites artists (k - 12, college, and adult) to create a work of art related to the Wetumpka Impact Crater.


To learn more about the Wetumpka Impact Crater and examples of art please view the power point slide show.

Dr. David King, Jr.
Auburn University,  Professor of Geology

Learn more about David T. King, Jr. & his Wetumpka Impact Crater Research!

When Dinosaurs Roamed Art Video
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Annual Guided 

Crater Tours

Each year the Wetumpka Crater Commission hosts Crater Tours, which are lead by graduate students of geology from Auburn University.  Crater Tours are usually scheduled for late February or early March.  To learn more, please contact the City of Wetumpka @



Annual Lecture:

Dr. King 

Thursday, February 22, 2024 @ 6:30 PM

Wetumpka Civic Center

Wetumpka, Alabama

Guided Crater Tour Schedule

School Crater Tours



Public Crater Tours


February 23, 2024

Tour 1 - 11:30am

Tour 2 - 1:15pm


February 24, 2024

Tour 1 - 9am

Tour 2 - 10:45am

Tour 3 - 12:55p

Meet @

Trinity Episcopal Church

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Click on the image below to view the Coosa River Whitewater Section Map and Wetumpka Impact Crater Location

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Click on the image below to view a larger version of the Wetumpka Outdoor Map with the Wetumpka Impact Crater.

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9_ 57 DSC_9834.JPG
9_ 57 DSC_9834.JPG

Project Goals:

Site Specific Art Featuring Cretaceous Life, Impact Events & Crater Related Installations

Art projects will depict aspects of Cretaceous Natural History, the Wetumpka Impact Event and resulting Wetumpka Impact Crater; illustrating Cretaceous life and what happened 85 million years ago. Our goal is to make the art and science of Cretaceous Alabama & the Wetumpka Meteor Impact more accessible to a wider public. With the creation of unique and period correct visual art, landscape graphic designs, illustrations, sculptures and technology by Alabama artists, we want to invite visitors of all backgrounds for a fascinating immersive and educational journey into the past while exploring the relationship between the resulting Cretaceous crater and the effects to climate, land, plants, animals and the world today.

Artist's Opportunities

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New Art Works, Power Point Presentations, Videos, Brochures & Books

Commission of 15 new works depicting the sequence of events that created the Wetumpka Impact Crater during the Cretaceous period. These will accompany other images in our permanent collection to complete the pictorial sequence by our artists.
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Commission of 12 Mural Panels for guided & self-guided educational tours. Murals will depict the sequence of events that created the Wetumpka Impact Crater during the Cretaceous period.

Commission of photographic images of the educational viewpoints of the Wetumpka Impact Crater today. The photographic works will become  a part of our permanent collection & used in promotional materials & presentations.

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Wetumpka  Impact Crater: Children’s Educational Animated Power Point & Movie
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Wetumpka Impact Crater: Children’s Educational Brochure
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Dino Doodles: Children’s Educational Brochure
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Wetumpka Impact Crater HS, College & Adult Power Point Presentation & Lectures
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New Educational Storyboards
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See the Wetumpka Impact Crater: A Self-Guided Tour Brochure With Photographs of the Crater today
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Wetumpka Impact Crater Art Book

(online) A Pictorial Journey

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Wetumpka Impact Crater Book

Featuring the Crater’s History, Impact Events, Research, Technical Illustrations, Alabama’s Cretaceous Dinosaurs, Art & Artists.

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