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History of the Organizations:

The Wetumpka Impact Crater Commission (WICC) was established in 2003 by separate resolutions of the City of Wetumpka, Elmore County Commission . WICC is responsible for educating about, preserving and promoting the Wetumpka Impact Crater. There are eight members, four appointed by the Wetumpka City Council and four by the Elmore County Commission. They meet six times per year and conduct annual tours & lectures in late winter. The organization has hosted & presented numerous other activities including: a 2007 US Geological Field Forum, Crater Talks throughout AL & Crater Fest music venue (2013 & 2014.)


Wetumpka Gateway Development Corporation, the non-profit group established in 2012, is charged with building Wetumpka Impact Crater Science and Interpretive Centers. In doing so it is imperative for the group to work with other sectors and utilize the skills of artists, designers, film makers scientists, geologists, writers and educators to achieve its goals. 

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