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Click on the logo above to visit Jonathan Hughes website.


Jon is a digital artist specialising in creating all manner of game art assets including models, maps, in-game graphics and GUI , and has a proven track record of creating content for developers both in-house and remotely for over 11 years. Additionally, he has been commissioned to create digital illustrations for publishers and clients worldwide since 1991.

Karen Carr

Click on the photograph above to view Karen Carr's art. 


Wildlife and natural history artist Karen Carr has displayed her artwork, in both traditional and electronic media, in publications, zoos, museums and parks across the United States, Japan and Europe. Her most recent works include major illustration projects and publications for the Smithsonian Institution, the Audubon Society, Random House, HarperCollins and others, and she has authored or illustrated more than a half-dozen recent books for young readers.

John Sibbick

Click on the photograph above to view John Sibbick's art. 


John trained in Graphics and Illustration at Guildford College of Art in the south of England, followed by four years in design studios in London before becoming a freelance illustrator in 1972.

He has covered a variety of subjects ranging from educational to fantasy. He is probably best known for his prehistoric reconstructions in books, magazines, museums, television and other media.  His original artwork has toured in group shows such as "Dinosaurs a Global View" and he has had numerous one man shows in the UK and in Spain in 2007.

Douglas Henderson

Click on the photograph above to view Douglas Henderson's paleoart website.

Davide Bonadonna

Click on the photograph above to view Davide Bonadonna's paleoart website.

Julius Csotonyi

Click on the photograph or image above to visit Julius Csotonyi's website.  Mr. Csotonyi is a natural history illustrator.


Julius Csotonyi, paleoartist (dinosaurs and prehistoric subjects), wildlife artist and scientific illustrator, and three time winner of the Lanzendorf PaleoArt Prize for 2-Dimensional Art.

The goal of his work is to produce maximally lifelike restorations of prehistoric and extant ecosystems (featuring dinosaurs and all other life forms) using both traditional and digital media.

A research background in ecology (M.Sc.) and microbiology (PhD) has instilled an appreciation for accuracy, and has facilitated collaboration with numerous scientific researchers, museums and publishers on a wide variety of projects.

Richard Bizley

Click on the photograph above to view Richard Bizley's paleoart website.


Richard Bizley has had a life-long interest in art and the natural sciences as well as many other subjects. He is a Fellow of the International Association of Astronomical Artists and his paintings have been published in various magazines and books and been exhibited around the country.  Although his paintings may look like they are computer generated they are hand painted acrylics.


Rick Spears

Click on the photograph above to view Rick Spears website.

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