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How to See the Wetumpka Impact Crater


The city of Wetumpka, Alabama sits right on the bull’s eye of what is thought to be the greatest natural disaster in Alabama’s history.  Approximately 85 million years ago, near the end of the “Age of Dinosaurs,” a crater was created by a blast into the bedrock from a meteor that was approximately the size of todays Bryant Denny Stadium.  The hills just east of downtown are the eroded remains of the rim of a five-mile wide impact crater.  

One of the most common questions asked by visitors to Wetumpka, Alabama is “How can I see the Wetumpka Impact Crater?”  It is so visible, that most Wetumpka residents take the unusual terrain for granted.  The Wetumpka Impact Crater Commission is hesitant to send people out on tours, because most of the best views are on private property and it is important to respect property owners rights.  However there are several public places that you can get a good view.

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